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Teacher Helping a Student

RGA Education Team

Teacher and Student

Advisory Team

Every student at RGA is provided with a Home Advisor to assist them and their family with everything from enrollment and course selection to preparing for post-graduation. Our Home Advisors are the face of our school, so they strive to develop lasting relationships built on trust with our students and families. They act as student advocates, helping them to meet their academic goals and achieve their highest potential. They also work with students to develop their self-discipline and independent decision-making ability.

Ready Global Academy instructors come from all around the world. They are qualified, experienced professionals, many of whom possess an advanced degree or other advanced training in their subject area. Our instructors are lifelong teachers who are excited to be part of the new wave of virtual education. They are committed to a belief in “connections before content,” striving to create a personalized experience for each student. Instructors provide daily feedback on student progress and work with students one-on-one to achieve their academic goals.

Teacher Writing a Formula on a Blackboar

College Counselors

The Ready Global Academy College Counseling Program is provided for all students and includes one-on-one coaching sessions and webinars on subjects such as selecting the right college, college entrance exam preparation, college essay brainstorming, parent resources, and scholarship/financial aid resources. The College Counselor is the first point of contact between the program and high school seniors and their families. College Counselors plays a key role in keeping students focused and on track for graduation. College Counselors coordinate with the student’s teachers, write college recommendation letters, and advise in the preparation of college application essays.


At Ready Global Academy, we believe that education depends on what you put into it, and we encourage students to take the lead. Thriving in online high school courses is a feat that poses many unique challenges. These challenges put students’ ability to monitor themselves to the test and promote the development of personal accountability. Our instructors and staff provide plenty of guidance and support in order to facilitate the development of time management skills and independent study strategies. Working together with mentors as they tackle their goals shapes students into independent learners who are prepared for the world after high school.

Students Writing on Board

Parents and Families

Parents and families play a pivotal role in supporting their child's education and academic goals. At RGA, we ask parents and other family members to support student learning by monitoring student progress, assisting students with organizing their time and materials, and communicating questions, recommendations or support needs to the Education Team. Because every student is different, family members can be valuable advocates as the people who know them best.

Communication is Key

Ongoing communication between Advisors, Counselors, Instructors, students, and family members is key to a student's academic success. Advisors work with instructors, students, and their families to resolve any concerns. Counselors make sure students are on the right path to success in the future. Intructors tailor their teaching to fit their students' learning styles and provide regular supportive feedback about student strengths and areas for improvement. Finally, students are encouraged to take charge of their education and develop their communication skills. Students should be aware of their course performance, which can be viewed anytime online through our easy-to-use interactive grade book.

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