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Through an exclusive partnership between RGA and select universities worldwide, our program is designed to guarantee university admission to advanced high school or first-year college international students. Participating students must complete one year of general education college courses before they may matriculate to a Partner University as sophomore students. Participation in the RGA college program waives the need for standardized test scores and mastery tests, and helps to improve a student's academic English. 

This program is revolutionizing the international admissions process, giving students a head start on their college education while providing them with English, academic, and psychological preparation for college life. Our Partner Universities include many elite institutions and the list of universities continues to expand each year.

College Research Program


Publish a Research Paper

Ivy-League Professors

Letters of Recommendation

5 Research Tracks

Our research program is designed for advanced high school students and senior university students applying to graduate school. Class sizes will be small, with no more than 6 students in a cohort. Although students will not receive college credit in this program, students will be gain valuable research experience and establish connections with Ivy-League instructors who are conducting groundbreaking research in their field of expertise. Choosing from different track options, students attend course-specific lectures,  assist in the professor's lab, and research a topic related to the instructors field of expertise.


Each course will be 8 weeks in total, but will be divided into two four-week increments. During the first four weeks of the program, students will attend lectures on the subject related to the research topics. For the remaining four weeks, students will work together individually or in small groups to write their research papers.


In order to be accepted into the program, students must demonstrate completion and understanding of the course foundations through either previous course work, previous research experience, or AP testing.

College Credit Plus Program


Earn College Credit

Real-Time Classes

Letters of Recommendation

20+ course options

Our online college credit courses are designed for students looking to earn college credit for general education courses, helping them to save both time and money in the long run. Courses are taught by Ivy-League professors, are available year-round in different lengths, and, upon successful completion of each course, students will earn an official transcript from St. Louis University.  All courses are: 

-Taught in real-time, allowing for teach allowing for teacher/student interaction, group discussions, and immediate feedback.

-Significantly cheaper than similar quality programs that do not always offer college credit.

- Evaluated based on a student's daily assignments, mid-terms, final exams, reports, and other class activities, instead of a single test or their ability to memorize facts.

Top Universities that Recognize Dual-Enrollment Credits

#19  University of California, Los Angeles

#20  Washington University in St Louis

#23  University of California, Berkeley

#26  University of Virginia

#27  Tufts University

#28  University Michigan, Ann Arbor

#31  University of California, Santa Barbara

#32  The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

#33  University of California, Irvine

#36  Georgia Institute of Technology

#37  University of Florida

#39  College of William and Mary

#40  University of California, Davis

#41  University of California, San Diego

#43  Case Western Reserve University

#44  Northeastern University

#45  Tulane University of Louisiana

#46  Pepperdine University

#47  University of Georgia

#48  University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign

#49  Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

#50  The University of Texas at Austin

#51  University of Wisconsin-Madison

#54  Syracuse University

#55  University of Miami

#56  The Ohio State University

#57  Purdue University

#58  Rutgers University

#59  Pennsylvania State University

#60  Southern Methodist University

#61  University of Washington, Seattle

#63  George Washington University

#64  University of Connecticut

#66  Brigham Young University

#68  Clemson University

#69  Texas A&M University

#71  Fordham University

#75  University of Pittsburgh

#76  University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

#77  Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

#78  American University

*please consult your college counselor for specific university guidelines

College Counseling

Ready Global Academy is committed to offering families the help they need to navigate the college admissions process. Our experienced counselors will help ensure students are well prepared to enter college.

The Ready Global Academy college counseling program is provided for all students and includes one-on-one coaching sessions and webinars on subjects such as selecting the right college, college entrance exam preparation, college application assistance, parent resources, and scholarship or financial aid resources.

The College Counselor is the first point of contact for the student and family. Whether the family is experienced at distance-learning or needs help making the transition, the College Counselor is there for support and guides the student in developing an individualized learning plan.

For high school seniors, the College Counselor plays a key role in keeping students focused and on track for graduation. College Counselors coordinate with the student’s teachers, write up to five college recommendation letters, and assist in the preparation of college application essays.

It is recommended that students work with their College Counselor to create an individualized learning plan that meets their academic interests and goals. To earn a college prep academic diploma, students must complete 24 credits of academic and elective courses.

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