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Our Principal


On behalf of our school community, I want to extend a warm welcome to you and your family as you join The Ready Global Academy (RGA), a fully accredited US K-12 school. At RGA, our mission is to bring American education to students worldwide, regardless of their geographical location. Our approach redefines the traditional boundaries of schooling, offering a flexible and dynamic educational experience. To date, more than 600 students have successfully completed our program, propelling themselves towards degrees at esteemed universities across the globe.

For those seeking to embrace academic challenges and gain a competitive edge in their studies, we proudly present a novel mode of learning that bestows a multitude of advantages to facilitate students in their pursuit of educational excellence:

  • Our methodology combines personalized one-on-one guidance with collaborative group instruction.

  • The heart of our approach is centered around each individual student, fostering an environment that nurtures their unique learning journey.

  • We tailor our instruction to accommodate various learning styles, ensuring a harmonious fit between pedagogy and student preferences.

  • Guided by the passions of each student, our approach kindles the flame of curiosity and cultivates a genuine love for learning.

  • A comprehensive array of assessment methods gauges students' grasp of course material comprehensively.

Our distinguished faculty and staff, all possessing the requisite certifications, share a common ardor for global education. The RGA curriculum is diverse and expansive, enriched by a selection of program options, including our distinguished diploma program and the innovative Advanced College Credit Program (ACCP). Each course at RGA is meticulously crafted to equip students with the skills necessary for triumph in the 21st century—skills such as Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Creativity, and Communication.

Inscribed within our walls are exceptional opportunities that are exclusively accessible to enrolled students. Through our ACCP initiative, a special collaboration between RGA and a handpicked consortium of esteemed universities worldwide, international students are granted a guaranteed pathway to admission at one of our prestigious partner institutions. Committed college counselors stand ready to provide personalized guidance throughout the university application journey, nurturing aspirations and turning dreams into reality.

As a united educational community, we stand poised to transcend tradition and embrace forthcoming challenges through inventive and exhilarating means. The collective team at Ready Global Academy eagerly anticipates the prospect of collaborating with you, devising a roadmap to manifest your ambitions.


Vicky Shillington

Vicky Shillington

Principal of Ready Global Academy

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