College Dual Enrollment Program — Explorer-ACCP Program


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RGA is an approved high school participant in the Advanced College Credit Program (ACCP). Through RGA's exclusive relationship with its parent company, IPERC, RGA is able to provide its students with college courses that satisfy their high school graduation requirements and the first year of their university education. Students who participate in the ACCP will receive an official university transcript from Top US Universities. The ACCP opens up a world of possibilities for students. By successfully completing the program, students will be guaranteed admission to an elite ACCP Partner University with all the college credits they have earned and will not need to take TOEFL or IELTS. These ACCP Partner Universities include Baylor, Marquette, SCAD, and several other universities in the US, UK, and Canada. Students who wish to attend a non-ACCP Partner can also do so. Students can take their College credits and apply to any university they choose.  
This program is revolutionizing the international admissions process, giving students a head start on their college education while providing them with English, academic, and psychological preparation for college life. Our Partner Universities include many elite institutions and the list of universities continues to expand each year.

College Research Program—iStar Research Program


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Ivy-League Professors

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Through parent company IPERC, RGA offers an amazing Ivy league quality research course called the iStar Program. Our research program is designed for advanced students who are seeking admissions into elite global universities for undergraduate study. Students can study in a short -term course under the tutelage of a top 30 US or G5 UK university faculty member. Current iStar instructors come from Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Princeton and many other great universities. These professors are world renowned and highly respected in their field of study. They will support the student in conducting a high-quality research project that will then be published in an academic journal. A teaching assistant will also participate to ensure the student has ample support in conducting and writing up their research. 
Students will be able to choose the research area that most interests them and will be matched with a professor that has similar research interests. Class sizes will be small, with no more than 6 students in a cohort. The course is broken up into 3 sections, in the first, students will learn about academic writing, in the second, students will study the subject of their research, and in the final section, students will conduct research and write their paper. Upon completion of the program, students will earn college credits for their participation in the course and will also receive a letter of recommendation from the elite university faculty member. The professor will write a personalized letter that explains the virtue and skill of each student that studies under them. 

This college research course, a published academic research paper, and a letter of recommendation from an elite faculty member will look incredible on a college application. Previous iStar students have gone on to study at the most elite universities in the world and our students consistently attribute their participation in the iStar program as a major factor in their admission. 

College Counseling

Ready Global Academy is committed to offering families the help they need to navigate the college admissions process. Our experienced counselors will help ensure students are well prepared to enter college.

The Ready Global Academy college counseling program is provided for all students and includes one-on-one coaching sessions and webinars on subjects such as selecting the right college, college entrance exam preparation, college application assistance, parent resources, and scholarship or financial aid resources.

Whether the family is experienced at distance-learning or needs help making the transition, the College Counselor is there for support and guides the student in developing an individualized learning plan.

For high school seniors, the College Counselor plays a key role in keeping students focused and on track for graduation. College Counselors coordinate with the student’s teachers, write up to five college recommendation letters, and assist in the preparation of college application essays.

It is recommended that students work with their Home Advisor to create an individualized learning plan that meets their academic interests and goals. To earn a college prep academic diploma from RGA, students must complete a minimum of 6 credits directly from Ready Global Academy and have earned a total of 24 of academic and elective courses.

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