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Graduating Students

Post-Graduation Program at RGA

Post-Graduation Program

Bridge the Gap, Ignite Your Potential... 

 ...for Academic Excellence and Personal Growth

RGA offers students who have already graduated high school the opportunity to participate in a post-graduate program. Post graduate high school programs, also referred to as  academically-minded gap-year programs, are increasingly popular among students who want to strengthen their academic credentials or simply postpone their university decision for another year. Our post-graduate program allows students to cultivate their academic and social skills, while gaining many advantages that will better prepare the student for a university education. Students will enroll or remain as RGA students after completing their senior year of high school and earning a high school diploma and can customize a post-graduate program that meets their needs and goals for the future of their education and career. Post-graduate students can craft a program by choosing from the following options:

Take College Credit Courses

  • Earn university credits through RGA’s Partner Universities  (Marquette University)

  • Take university Art courses through MIAD (Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design)

  • Take a single course or many

  • Students can complete an entire year of university credits


Participate in a Study Abroad Gap-year

Take college courses for a semester or a year in a foreign country. Learn the local language and culture while taking US university courses at the same time. This program is great for students who may not have been accepted as freshmen to their desired university. These students can study abroad while still earning college credits, and then reapply to their desired university as transfer students. This allows students to graduate on time, usually within four years after high school graduation. In addition, students can broaden their perspectives in different fields of study as well as explore their passion in their university studies while studying abroad. Choose from any of our highly prestigious locations:

  • Shanghai

  • Taipei

  • Seoul

  • Dubai

  • London


Improve English Skills

  • RGA’s English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program will help international students to improve your speaking English or increase your TOEFL/IELTS score


Extra-curricular Activities

Improve your application potential by participating in one of our many resume and skill-boosting programs, including: 

  • Virtual internships

  • Entrepreneurial workshop 

  • iStar Research Program

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