Admissions Process

Our Admission Coordinators work to determine and meet each student’s specific academic goals and needs.

1. Prospective students should complete the Ready Global Academy Application and submit official transcripts and/or test scores.

2. Prospective students will interview with an RGA staff member to determine the student's academic ability and goals.


3. Students accepted into RGA will  be assigned an Admissions Coordinator to provide guidance through the enrollment process. The Admissions Coordinator will speak with the student and his or her family to understand the student’s needs, gathers pertinent data, and presents an overview of RGA's course offerings.


4. The Admissions Coordinator identifies courses and/or programs that potentially meet the student’s academic goals.


5. Upon deciding to enroll in RGA, students are assigned a Home Advisor who will assist the student throughout their time at RGA. Junior and Senior students will also be assigned a College Counselor who will assist the student in preparing for university study.

6. With the assistance of the Home Advisor, the student will create a Plan of Study and begin enrolling in courses. Once the tuition payment has been received, a welcome letter is sent to the family, teachers are assigned to the student, and the student is granted access to the learning management system. The newly enrolled student may begin coursework immediately.


Student Records

In order to process an enrollment, students are our admissions office requires report cards or transcripts for students entering high school; official transcripts are required before enrollment can be completed. Although not required, students are encouraged to submit English proficiency and/or SAT/ACT test scores. 


Mailing Address

1170 Old Henderson Rd.

Suite 208

Columbus, OH 43220


Students may also submit electronic copies to