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Earn a US High School Diploma... 

 ...From Anywhere in the World

All RGA courses are designed to prepare students for higher learning and to develop 21-st century skills valued in universities around the world. To meet the needs of every student, we offer regular college preparatory and honors-level courses. For students who would like a particularly challenging online high school experience in order to make the most of their education, we offer AP courses that are specifically targeted to prepare students for the coursework of higher education classes at even the nation’s top-rated schools.

Course Requirements

The recommendations shown below provide a foundation from which students may begin planning for college admission. College admissions policies and academic requirements vary widely. The sample course requirements and recommendations are not specific to any particular college or university. Your College Counselor and Home Advisor will work together to help tailor the course list to match your specific goals and ensure that all graduation requirements are met.


Graduation Requirements of 24-Credit Program

(To earn a diploma, a minimum of 6 credits must be earned through RGA)

English-4 Credits

Mathematics-4 Credits

Science-3 credits in science, two of which must have a laboratory component.

Social Studies-3 credits: 1 credit from US History or World History and 2 credits from other course options.

Foreign Language-Not required for graduation but may be required for college admissions.

Art-1 credit Fine Art or Performing Art

Physical Education-0.5 credits

Health-0.5 credits

Electives-8 credits

Summer and Part-Time Enrollement

In addition to the ‘core’ courses, Ready Global Academy offers an extensive selection of electives that are both interesting and challenging. Students may also elect to take courses that are approved for college credit.

Because Ready Global Academy offers rolling admissions, students can select individual start dates for their courses, providing the ultimate flexibility to schedule coursework around busy summer schedules that may include travel, work, and other activities. Whether students are interested in taking courses that are not offered at their school, or simply want to get ahead by taking online summer courses, Ready Global Academy provides individualized instruction to meet students’ needs for specific credits.

How it Works: Summer and Part-Time Enrollments

Prior to gaining access to a course, students must meet prerequisite requirements, and obtain their primary school’s approval to receive credit(s) on their transcripts. Please download the Ready Global Academy Concurrent Enrollment Form, and contact your school counselor regarding the transfer of Ready Global Academy course credits. You can also call our Admissions Office (contact info) to speak with an admissions coordinator. Our admissions team provides guidance for obtaining approval and ensuring the reciprocity of credits from the students’ primary school.

The student’s primary school is responsible for maintaining student records and updating transcripts to reflect courses completed through Ready Global Academy Upon request, Ready Global Academy will forward an official transcript of all courses completed through our program.

Credit Recovery

Ready Global Academy’s Credit Recovery Program allows full-time students enrolled in accredited high schools to take the credits they require to meet their school’s graduation requirements.

Credit Recovery Scenarios:

  • Athletics

  • Behind in credits

  • Bullying

  • Course not offered

  • Early graduation

  • Expulsion

  • Extracurricular activities

  • Failing grades

  • Illness/health

  • Peer pressure

  • Scheduling conflicts

  • Suspension

Credit Recovery Online

Ready Global Academy’s Credit Recovery Program helps high school students to earn high school credits in courses they did not pass the first time around. Our online courses are taught in real-time with individualized instructor attention, designed to supplement your school’s existing curriculum.  Students can enroll year-round and design a course schedule that meets their needs and availability.

Any of our courses can be taken for credit recovery. See our catalog for further details about our courses.