The RGA Curriculum

Online Learning

The Ready Global Academy Philosophy

The demand for online schools will continue to grow in the future, and Ready Global Academy is prepared to meet this demand. Our curriculum is accredited and carefully designed to both prepare students for the rigor of university study and to allow them the opportunity to take charge of their education. At RGA, we believe that the student and teacher relationship is just as important to curriculum success. This is why we emphasize making connections between students and staff, allowing our teachers to personally connect with each student. Due to the lack of a physical classroom, the necessity for student-teacher communication helps to foster strong relationships with teachers and mentors. Additionally, teachers and mentors provide consistent and ample feedback to both hold students accountable for the quality of their work and encourage them to improve constantly. The student’s learning pace depends entirely upon the student and the goals he or she sets for himself.​

As a Ready Global Academy student or parent, you’ll see that one of the primary goals of our academic program at Ready Global Academy is to prepare students for post-high school education and life-long learning. Our program is designed to help students acquire the knowledge and 21st-century skills necessary for their future success in their chosen areas of pursuit. Included in these skills are critical thinking, understanding, and discrimination in reading and listening, creativity, initiative, collaboration, as well as the tools for research, are emphasized throughout the school’s curriculum. Additionally, the relationships cultivated between students and their teachers and counselors are what sets RGA apart from other online schools. Teachers and counselors at Ready Global are dedicated to paying personal attention to their students’ strengths and weaknesses in assignments and learning styles. They’re also well-trained in giving personal advice to students about what to do after graduation.


Each student is required to pursue a course of study encompassing English, social studies, science, mathematics, physical education, and health, and each student develops a unique learning profile during his or her time at Ready Global that allows our staff to mold the learning curriculum to help them grow. A variety of electives are also offered to enhance the students’ skills and interests in areas including art, music, computer science, industrial technology, and business. As a result, students benefit from getting their online high school diploma in a way that would not be possible in a mainstream school. From enrollment to post-graduation, students are guided by their teachers and other academic counselors to ensure that they’re pursuing a path that suits their individual goals and abilities.

Mastery-Based Program

Our program is mastery-based, meaning that our teachers can adjust the content or pace of lessons to suit the needs of students. Mastery-based education is centered around the principle that once students demonstrate that they have a proficient understanding of the lesson’s concepts, they may progress to subsequent lessons. This approach to learning allows students to work through lessons at their own speed, with opportunities to revise assignments until understanding is effectively demonstrated. It also encourages teachers to reinforce key curricular topics according to the needs of individual students.


Course Selection

Appropriate selection of courses should provide a challenging curriculum that fits the student’s ability level. Course selection is made by the students with the aid of the recruitment counselor and the Home Advisor. Parental approval is required prior to completing registration. Once course selections are made, these decisions are final. Class changes due to teacher preference are never considered.

Honors Program

Students who are gifted or academically talented need a qualitatively differentiated program that takes into consideration individual learning styles and special abilities. Courses for these students should develop skills in independent study, research, creative thinking, and critical thinking. Courses of this nature are geared toward a more in-depth approach in content, more discussion, and higher-level thinking, focusing on analysis and synthesis of knowledge. These students should be challenged to develop their abilities for both personal fulfillment and the benefit of society.

A Team of Dedicated Advisors

Every student enrolled in RGA is assigned a Program Advisor, Home Advisor, and College Counselor to assist a student and their family every step of the way, from enrollment and course selection to preparing for post-graduation and college applications. Along the way, the advisors will help students to become more independent in decision-making and self-discipline.

Honors and AP Courses
  • Honors Algebra I 

  • Honors Algebra II and Trigonometry 

  • Honors Biology 

  • Honors Physics

  • Honors French IV

  • Honors Spanish IV

  • Honors English 9 

  • Honors English 10 

  • Honors Geometry 

  • Honors US History 

  • Honors World History 

  • Honors Chemistry

  • Advanced Placement Calculus AB

  • Advanced Placement Calculus BC

  • Advanced Placement Statistics

  • Advanced Placement Commputer Science A

  • Advanced Placement Art History

  • Advanced Placement Music Theory

  • Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition

  • Advanced Placement U.S. Government and Politics

  • Advanced Placement United States History

  • Advanced Placement World History

  • Advanced Placement European History

  • Advanced Placement Human Geography       

  • Advanced Placement Psychology

  • Advanced Placement Chemistry

  • Advanced Placement Environmental Science

  • Advanced Placement Biology

  • Advanced Placement Physics 1

  • Advanced Placement Physics C: Mechanics

  • Advanced Placement Macroeconomics

  • Advanced Placement Microeconomics

Honors and AP Course Offerings

Students are approved to be in the Advanced Placement and Honors courses based on past performance, test scores, and teacher recommendations. 


All RGA Advanced Placement courses have been approved by College Board.  These courses have been posted to the Advanced Placement Ledger.