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Our Approach

Ready Global Academy is dedicated to preparing all students for success in American Universities. Demand for online learning experiences is growing, and RGA is committed to expanding our course offerings and maintaining a curriculum that meets the expectations for college admissions including ACT Benchmarks and Common Core Standards. RGA strives to provide unique experiences for students by offering one-to-one and small class sizes. Online learning at RGA means personalized learning that allows teachers to adjust instruction to each student’s learning style and assess learning in multiple ways. It lets instructors and students adapt curriculum content to appeal to the individual student’s interests and creates unique learning opportunities that promote success. Ready Global Academy is committed to exploring the best methods and practices for online learning so that we can provide the highest quality educational experience for each of our students.

The administration and staff of Ready Global Academy believe:

  • That each of us contributes to creating a positive learning environment wherein students become moral, self-directed, confident global thinkers. 

  • In teaching students to adapt to their ever-changing world. 

  • In the value of each student’s creativity, imagination, and passion. 

  • That diversity is an opportunity to enrich school culture and promote a thoroughly inclusive community.

  • That developing the ability to use ethics to guide decisions and actions is an essential goal of education.

  • That education involves assisting students in fulfilling their individual academic potential.

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