Our Approach

Ready Global Academy is committed to preparing students for success in American Universities. We believe that a major goal of education is the development of the ability to make ethical decisions and to take moral action as well as to assist the student to mature to his/her full academic potential. Online learning is personalized learning which supports teachers adjusting instruction to each student’s learning style. Through online instruction and one-on-one instruction, we create unique learning opportunities which enables all students to achieve access, excellence, and equity in education. RGA creates effective international education programs for learning that are flexible, learner-centered, inquiry-oriented, and project engaged which allow students to complete their course of study anywhere in the world. We believe that a major goal of education is to develop the ability to make ethical decisions
and to assist the student to achieve his/her full academic

 The administration and staff of Ready Global Academy believe: 

  • That each of us contributes to creating a positive learning environment wherein students become ethical, self-directed, confident, global thinkers. 

  • In teaching students to adapt to their ever-changing world. 

  • In the value of developing 21st-century skills including creativity, collaboration, imagination, and passion. 

  • That diversity is an opportunity to enrich school culture and to promote a thoroughly inclusive community.

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